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Commissions are a great way to personalize a piece of art. I will work with you every step of the way to bring your vision to fruition as we create a masterpiece, perfect to give as a special gift or capture a moment to always look back on.


Please read below for more information regarding pricing, sizing, and timeline. 

Let’s create

Are you interested in building a masterpiece together?
We can work together using fabric, points of inspiration such as mountain ranges or maps and find what speaks to you as I create a one of a kind piece that not only fits your decor, but symbolizes meaning in your home and your soul. 

*Price varies based on hourly rate of $75 an hour. We can create a budget that suits you before creation.


Pricing + Sizing

I price my paintings based on the amount of time (detail) x the size (inches) of the painting.


  • 5x7”        $90

  • 8x10”      $175

  • 12x12”    $450

  • 11x14”    $500

  • 16x20”    $750

  • 24x24”    $1,500

  • 24x36”    $2,500

*These are guideline prices and I will communicate with you an estimate for the piece based on what you are looking to be painted.



  • 6x6” on brown paper.            $75

  • 9X12” on brown paper.         $150

  • 5x7” oil painting.                    $95

  • 8x10” oil painting.                 $150

  • 11x14” oil painting.               $250

  • 16x20” oil painting.               $500

“Ariel” 6x6” available


Being an artist and juggling many different projects at once makes it difficult to create sturdy timelines, but I pride myself in sticking to a rough amount of time required for your piece, which I will inform you on based on size and how busy I am during the time of year.


  • 9x12” or smaller= 1 week to a month.

  • 9x12” – 16x20” = 1 month to 2 months.

  • 16x20” – 24x36’ = 2 months to 3 months.




*These are all probable timelines and, in most cases, it will take me less time than allotted to complete the commission, but I have accounted for 2 weeks of drying time, which is required for oil paintings before shipment.

Paints and Brush
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